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Web development

BlueCore Web designing and developing suitable web applications according to your needs. We design and develop web applications as individual vision of the company you own. We are using innovative technologies and choose suitable one if there is any specifications regarding technology, from the part of the company. Enterprise resource program [ERP] is one of the foremost tools those we have been designed and developed during a decade of our experiences in web exclusive software production. We blend art and application. Our designers are imaginative and intuitive. they are also flexible knowing what is company’s need of the hour. We provide lifelong support and security to each product we developed and deployed. web development is challenging task catching nuances of the need and aspiration of the company. BlueCoreWeb devoted to this task.

Our Recent Projects

Website Design and Development Process


Analysis and Consultation

  • Initial meeting or conference phone call to discuss the details of your project.
  • Website requirements and goals are determined.
  • Website navigation is discussed.
  • We ask that you complete our website questionnaire during our initial meeting or send it to us before we provide our estimate.
  • An initial analysis of any back end website applications will be performed.
web development process

Project Estimate | Payment Terms

  • Written project estimate is provided to the Client
  • Client approves the estimate
  • Deposit arrangements are made

Graphic Design

  • All design-related assets are collected from the Client and can include items such as a Logo, photography, slogans and anything else integral to the look and feel of the site.
  • If Logo and other such graphic designs are not provided, creation of the same, as per clients requirement.
  • A completed Website Questionnaire, any necessary artistic direction and finalization of the website sections ( navigation ) must be completed before the start of this stage.
  • Graphic design of the project begins with the creation of an interface ( shell ) of the website based upon the information and direction provided by the Client.
  • Initial interface design is uploaded to our server for the Client’s review and feedback.
  • Design alterations are made to the website interface based on the Client’s feedback.
  • This process continues until the Client is completely satisfied with the interface design.

Web Application Development ( if applicable )

  • Detailed analysis will be completed to determine exactly what is required from your web application ( s ).
  • Our web application developers will begin to create the backend or database components of your site at the same time our Graphic Designers are creating the interface.
  • The progress of the web application is regularly uploaded to our testing server so the Client may follow along with the progress to ensure their satisfaction.
  • Initial testing of the web application ( s ) is completed.

Website Coding and Flash Development ( if applicable )

  • Upon Client approval of the interface design, the artwork is turned over to our website developers for coding or Flash development depending on the parameters of your project.
  • This process involves taking the interface design, breaking it apart and inserting it into the website coding language or Flash to make the actual working website.
  • Each individual webpage will be created, section headers will be added and a full, working menu & navigation system will be created.
  • At this point, any back end website applications (after Client approval ) are brought together with the front end of your website.
  • The progress of the website is regularly uploaded to our testing server so the Client may follow along with the progress to ensure their satisfaction.

Addition of Website Content

  • The Client must provide all textual content for the website along with any remaining photos, video, PDF files or any other type of content that will appear on the site.
  • The web developers will place this content into the website, as directed by the Client, in a visually appealing way that compliments the overall look and feel of the website.


  • All facets of the website are tested to ensure compliance with all popular website browsers
  • Website applications are tested together with the fully operational website.

Launch of Live Website

  • Upon Client approval and sign off, the website is launched ‘Live
  • Any domain name set up, DNS changes and website hosting must be finalized before this stage can happen.

Minor Website Revisions

  • Once the site is live, the Client may request minor alterations to ‘fine tune’ the site.
  • Final Client approval is obtained and project is deemed ‘complete

Maintenance Plan and Training

  • Any necessary Client training is conducted.
  • A customized maintenance plan that suites the Client’s needs and budget is implemented to ensure that their new site remains current and accurate.
  • Benefits of a maintenance plan:
  • Monthly ‘meta’ and ‘alt’ tag updates (for search engine optimization).
  • Misc. updates to ensure compliance with new / updated web browsers.
  • Priority ‘top of queue’ service for all updates.
  • An included amount of monthly website updates to use however you would like to keep your site current.
  • Regular website & database backups ( if required ).
  • Website monitoring services to alert you when your site is down.
  • Quarterly analysis of your website statistics.
  • Responsive Websites

Search Engine Optimization ( if required )

  • Sitemap Creation and submission to many Search Engines

Social Media Management ( if required )

  • Creation IDs / Pages for Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Pinterest | Instagram | Blog

Under the hood, the BlueCore development team takes pride in perfectly designed code that is functional, extensible, and dare we say...beautiful

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